Qualifying organizations may use FRXIS to submit funding requests to Allergan in the following categories:

• Sponsorships
Support of a meeting, event, or organization through fundraising activities, non-medical meeting support or corporate memberships related to therapeutic areas of interest to Allergan. Sponsorships are generally provided to qualifying nonprofit organizations that have a public health mission and are not purchasers of Allergan products.
• Awareness & Advocacy
Support of public outreach programs and initiatives geared toward patients, caregivers, policy decision makers, and the public at large that are designed to expand disease-state awareness and increase patient & caregiver knowledge of treatment options and access to care.
• Corporate Support
Philanthropic support awarded to qualifying 501(c)3 organizations dedicated to healthcare, humanitarian or disaster relief. The organization’s focus must be unrelated to Allergan’s current and prospective therapeutic areas. That is, if the organization is qualified to submit funding requests in any other category, it may not submit a Corporate Support request. Requests must be for general (overhead) support only.